Top 5 Delicious & Creative Ways to Eat Edible Bird’s Nests

by Golden Nest Inc

Top 5 Delicious & Creative Ways to Eat Edible Bird’s Nests

What is Edible Bird’s Nests?

Bird Nest Soup

So what exactly is edible bird’s nests?

Edible bird’s nests are exactly what the name implies–bird nests. Specifically, these nests, constructed of solidified bird saliva, belong to a species of Southeast Asian swallow birds. It’s a curious delicacy and highly prized in China by both chefs and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

As a health food, bird’s nests are second to none in Chinese culture. Thanks to modern innovation, there are now a plethora of new, creative ways to enjoy this amazing delicacy that pays homage to tradition without sacrificing its health benefits.

1. Traditional Raw Bird’s Nest

Traditionally, bird’s nests are prepared as a warm soup and can be either sweet or savory. It’s primarily served in celebratory banquets and considered a high-end and luxurious dish.

Preparing raw bird’s nests from scratch is an extremely pain staking process. Chinese chefs take the swallow bird nests and meticulously clean and soak them for impurities such as feathers or debris that can become trapped within the nests. This traditional method is very time-consuming and the entire process can last upwards to a day.

However, all Golden Nest traditional raw bird’s nests are already 100% hand-cleaned and prepped. All the home cook has to do is cook, saving time from the laborious process.

2. Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Soup

Nest Soup

Thanks to Golden Nest, there is no need for the modern consumer to succumb to the painstaking process of washing and prepping required for traditional bird’s nests. Golden Nest has a variety of cooked and prepared bird’s nest soup ready to eat. Simply open a bottle and serve when convenient.

When a consumer opens a bottle of Golden Nest swallow nest soup, they will be pleasantly surprised by how similar in taste, aroma, and texture these ready to eat bird’s nest soups are to the traditional version. This is achieved because of Golden Nest’s commitment to hand-washing and bleach-free preparation. All of this ensures the highest quality and safety standards, rendering Golden Nest bird’s nest soup safe for the elderly, nursing & pregnant women, and even babies ready for solid food.

This product has also improved on the traditional recipe by swapping conventional sugar with USDA organic sugar, which is produced without any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and bleaching agent (chemical whitener). The inclusion of USDA organic sugar creates a similar sweetness while using 10% less sugar than bird’s nest soups cooked with conventional sugar. For a selection of Golden Nest bird’s nests, click here.

3. Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Drinks

Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Drinks

Looking for a refreshing beverage? Golden Nest has created a series of ready to drink bird nests beverages. Golden Nest prides itself on quality and every edible bird’s nest in these drinks are hand-washed with no bleaching, artificial color or preservatives. Each bottle contains bits of swallow bird’s nests and powder blended to perfection.

Besides the classic rock sugar flavor, Golden Nest also has sugar free, lychee and goji berry flavors. Golden Nest bird’s nest drinks come in trays of 6 or 12 bottles (8oz each bottle).

If you’re looking to make your own edible bird’s nest beverages, try these creative recipes from Angel Wong’s Kitchen, including exciting and unconventional flavors like coconut milk or chrysanthemum flowers.

4. Ready to Eat - Simply Swift

Ready to Eat Simply Swift

For those consumers looking to make their own bird’s nest soup recipes instead of premade, Golden Nest has that covered as well. As stated previously, traditional bird nest preparation is very time-consuming. Golden Nest has created Simply Swift, a product that lets the home cook make immaculate edible bird’s nest recipes with their own flavors and seasoning.

The innovative Simply Swift process starts with a strenuous hand-cleaning of raw swallow nests to ensure complete removal of natural impurities. These bird nests are then given a high-pressure, flash-steaming procedure, all performed by licensed experts at our facility in California. When complete, these Simply Swift bird’s nests are portioned in advance, eliminating time and stress from the preparation process.

Simply Swift can be prepared in as little as 15 minutes on the stove top or in the microwave for 4 minutes, providing convenience and quality no matter the occasion. Simply add 1 piece of Simply Swift into the recommended amount of water, cook, and enjoy!

Because Simply Swift is so convenient, home cooks can now make all manners of unique recipes such as stuffing edible bird’s nests into Asian pears or papaya to create a refreshing and healthy dish.

5. Premium Concentrated Swallow Nest Bowl

Nest Soup

Another product in the Golden Nest inventory that caters to the hectic lifestyle of the health conscious modern consumer is Premium Concentrated Swallow Nest Bowl. Conveniently packaged in a microwavable and boil-ready package, Premium Concentrated Swallow Nest Bowl is a fantastic ready to eat bird’s nest product that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Each bowl is made with natural swallow nests, organic cane sugar and no artificial preservatives, maintaining all the high-quality, fine-dining attributes of traditional edible bird’s nests.

Can I Eat Edible Bird’s Nest Every Day?

Yes! In fact, bird nest soup is great for overall health. Since its inception into the repertoire of Chinese cuisine, bird nest soup has been embraced by traditional Chinese medicine for its powerful health benefits, possessing properties ranging from boosting virility to promoting cell growth. In recent years, several scientific studies have examined the health benefits of bird saliva, including boosting the immune system, eye health, hormones and an excellent health food for pregnant women and cancer patients

So, when possible, feel free to consume edible bird’s nests any time it’s convenient. And now, there are more ways than ever to enjoy edible bird’s nests thanks to the products of Golden Nest. Most importantly, Chefs, home cooks and Golden Nest are also constantly creating new ways to consume this wonderful health food, making bird’s nests endlessly exciting. For a full list of Golden Nest products, click here.

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