History and Tales of Edible Bird Nest: Origin and the Modern Delicacy

by Golden Nest Inc
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Bird's nest consumption is not something that most would consider, but those who are in tune with bird's nest culture are well aware of its unique history. The history of the bird's nest as an edible delicacy is a fascinating one, especially to individuals who have been reaping the health benefits of the raw bird's best. So how did the edible bird's nest come to prominence?

It all started in Chinese-speaking countries in Asia. The edible bird's nest is a delicacy and it does not come cheap, with a price tag of over $2,500 US per kilogram in some instances. Of course, these bird's nests now retail for a lesser price, as more and more people become aware of their advantages. Residents of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore have been relying on them for centuries.

They are typically utilized as a remedy for illness but they are also consumed by the elderly and anyone who is looking to enhance their facial glow. Legends state that the practice of bird's nest consumption started with Chinese royals. Another legend states that a war general who was stranded with his troops in Southeast Asia came up with the idea out of necessity and found that the nests were a catalyst for improved vigor.

To learn more about the edible bird nest and how this practice has persisted into the present day, please be sure to read on and learn more.

Unveiling the Bird Behind the Nest

In order to know more about these nests, you will need to discover everything about the birds that are behind them. These nests are crafted by swiftlets and they are a marvel to gaze upon. They are orbs with a cream coloration and they are made from saliva that has been given the chance to solidify.

They are often compared to the rib cages of larger animals, while others claim that they resemble spider webs. The edible nests that these swiftlets created are found in East Asia or Southeast Asia. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to these nests is that they are made from twigs. Instead, they are actually entirely constructed from the swiftlet's saliva.

A Delicacy with a Long History

Edible bird's nest soup has a long and storied history within Chinese culture, which dates all the way back to the Ming Dynasty. Legend has it that a general by the name of Zhen He was responsible for its discovery. He was a fleet admiral, diplomat and explorer from the time period and is often credited as being the first one to engage in bird's nest consumption.

Chinese royals may have enjoyed the edible bird's nest initially but it was not long before they started to filter down to the commoners. It has been said that Chinese royals relied upon these nests because of their obsession with everlasting youth.

According to this legend, the first edible bird's nest was discovered in Indonesia after the Chinese royals searched for anti-aging remedies. In modern times, it is safe to say that they are a bit easier to come by. Companies like Golden Nest are more than happy to provide plenty of options that do not require a trip overseas.

The Benefits of Bird's Nest Soup: Fact or Fiction?

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When it comes to the edible bird's nest, there are a number of benefits to be enjoyed. That's why we are here to separate fact from fiction in this regard. Bird's nest consumption is linked to longevity, beauty, and vitality. Malaysian-based researchers have also discovered the very real links between these nests and the aforementioned benefits. According to these researchers, sialic acid levels are high in these nests, which can also be found in a mother's breast milk. Japanese researchers have even discovered that these nests have antiviral properties and are instrumental for protection from influenza. The anti-aging aspect associated with these nests has been further proven as well.

The nests contain a compound that is similar to the Epidermal Growth Factor, which is well known for the anti-aging properties that it has to offer. Because of this compound, edible bird's nests are packaged into a wide range of other products. Pills, cosmetics, coffee and skincare products allow younger consumers to keep the signs of aging at bay.

Ethical Concerns and Sustainable Practices

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While there are certain controversies within the wellness industry as far as traditional Chinese medicines are concerned, the edible bird's nest has been able to sidestep all of them thus far. It is actually considered to be a relatively ethical product for humans to consume. That's because the swiftlets that are responsible for creating these nests are not killed when they are in the process of being harvested.

However, there are certain dangers that must be mentioned. Over-harvesting can take place, as nests are taken away before the swiftlets are ready to relinquish them. The farmers who harvest these nets must wait for the swiftlets to vacate before taking them away. There cannot be any eggs or chicks inside when the nest is harvested, or this is a form of animal cruelty and ethical concerns are raised once again.

Those who are looking to sidestep these concerns are able to obtain ethically produced edible bird's nest from Golden Nest. Farming bird's nests are another option that has risen in popularity in recent years, as they remove all of the aforementioned concerns about over-harvesting, while allowing consumers to enjoy all of the same health and wellness benefits without any of the potential guilt.


The edible bird's nest has a rich history that has continued into the present day and it is hard to envision a future that does not include them going forward. While these nests got their start in Chinese culture many years ago, they have since transitioned from their auspicious beginnings as a dining option for youth-obsessed royals. Now that everyone has had the chance to enjoy the benefits associated with these nests, it is time to ensure that you are making the right choice.

This is where Golden Nest comes into play. As a luxury-based, ethically sourced company, Golden Nest is the common choice for those who are looking to sidestep any of the usual concerns that take place when it comes to edible bird's nests. Golden Nest always places the customer's concerns first and prioritizes their health, making them the best possible choice for all of your edible bird's nest needs.

Golden Nest: a More Ethical Option

As consumers educate themselves on the ethical concerns that are associated with an edible bird's nest and sustainable practices are at the forefront of their thought process, Golden Nest is a name that takes on a greater level of importance. Once you have taken the time to fully educate yourself, the difference becomes more and more apparent.

Golden Nest is the way to go. Our company strives to maintain and uphold the highest possible values for the modern-day consumer, allowing consumers to enjoy all of the advantages that were once reserved for Chinese royalty. Every nest is harvested ethically, examined thoroughly and all safety regulations are met before they are provided to the general public. Be sure to contact Golden Nest as soon as you are ready to take the next step in your health and wellness journey.

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