HEALTHEE Organic Coconut Brown Rice - 3 bowls x 216 grams (7.6 oz.)

HEALTHEE Organic Coconut Brown Rice - 3 bowls x 216 grams (7.6 oz.)

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  • USA most trusted brand
  • 100% all natural genuine bird’s nest
  • Ultra premium quality
  • Strict health, safety, and sustainability standards
  • Incredible health benefits

100% Guaranteed Quality

Packaged in USA
Maintains Youthful Skin
Supports Healthy Pregnancy
100% Hand-Washed
Healthy Supplement

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Love this product. Easy to make a quick lunch


I added honey and butter to this and it's my new favorite snack.


Disliked the dryness & sticky made it hard to chew

Ray Riley

I didn't feel it had a particularly coconut taste to it.Nice to have a backup during Covid19 for quick meals

T. J. Naumann

Wow! Healthee's Turmeric Brown Rice is the best rice I've ever tasted! It tastes really good with diced chicken or shrimp mixed into it. I was, at first, wary to buy it because I'd never had this brand before, but I had a rice craving, and this was the only brand available. I'm so glad I ordered it because it is truly delicious! It's so good, I ordered and just received a 12-pack of it today. And. . . I can reuse the little plastic bowls the rice comes in. Awesome! Thank you, Healthee!

Frequently Asked Questions

All raw materials used in Simply Swift™ are sourced from sustainable farms in Indonesia. Golden Nest tracks all raw material’s harvest and production dates. This data is traceable by scanning each product’s unique QR code on the packaging.

Simply swift can be prepared in 15 min as opposed to almost 2 hours for traditional birds nest…Simply Swift is portioned perfectly for 1 - 2 Servings and traditional birds nest is naturally random in sizes and weights.

The product was sourced sustainably from Indonesia.

It actually has a higher quality than AAA because the hard part has been removed.

Similar. The only difference is that a traditional bird nest needs to be refrigerated once the pouch is open.

Golden Nest only offers 100% all natural genuine bird’s nests. All Golden Nest products do not have preservatives. And all Golden Nest products have been Certified/Registered by various US government agencies.