Golden Nest Edible Bird's Nest Products Available at Costco

by Golden Nest Inc

 Golden Nest Edible Bird's Nest Products Available at Costco

Edible bird's nests are a delicacy in Chinese culture, offering numerous health benefits. The swiftlets' solidified saliva in edible bird's nests provides high protein content and consumption of edible bird's nests is a healthy supplement, promoting youthful skin and healthy bones and, for pregnant women, helps support a healthy pregnancy. Edible bird's nests have been shown to help strengthen the immune system and enhance energy and metabolism.

Edible bird's nests are most commonly used in soups and drinks, traditional sweet soup in Chinese cuisine includes bird's nests dissolved in water, however, preparing raw bird’s nests can be a long and tedious process. Golden Nest provides a line of ready-to-consume bird's nest soups and drinks to make it simple to experience the numerous health benefits of bird's nests.

The grading of bird's nests depends on the bird type and color and shape of the bird's nest. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you purchase authentic bird's nests from a trusted brand to reap all the nutritious and health benefits. As one of the most trusted brands in the USA, Golden Nest offers high-quality edible bird's nest products. Many of our best-selling products are ready to cook or drink, making buying and consuming quality edible bird's nests from Golden Nest convenient. 


Golden Nest is excited to have its original product line available at Costco. Costco is known for providing high-quality products at reasonable prices and for its rigorous vendor selection process. Therefore, we are glad to have our edible bird's nest products trusted by Costco. You can find Golden Nest's ready-to-cook swallow bird's nests and our bird's nest soups and drinks at Costcos across the USA. 


Costco carries the white Golden Nest Simply Swift Edible Bird's Nest. Bird nests at Costco are sold in a pack of 2 with a weight of 0.18 ounces for $37.99, according to a review from She found the Simply Swift Edible Bird's Nest at her local Costco in Garden Grove, CA, as the selection and stock of edible bird's nests may vary at your local Costco. 

Golden Nest Simply Swift Bird's Nest at Costco


Costco carries Golden Nest Swallow Nest Soup in original flavoring. The bird's nest soup at Costco is available in a box of eight 2.5 fluid-ounce jars for around $40, according to a Reddit review. While Reddit users were skeptical about trying bird's nest soup from Costco, a Youtuber and their friends tried the soup and were pleasantly surprised. They thought the original flavor of the Golden Nest Swallow Nest Soup was good and had a jelly-like texture. They also mentioned the health benefits of consuming bird's nest soup, noting that it was an expensive drink for $5 a jar. 


Golden Nest Premium Bird’s Nest Soup at Costco



For bird's nest drinks at Costco, the store carries eight 8 ounce packs of Golden Nest drinks for $22.59. showed in a review that her Costco in Garden Grove, California had an eight-pack of the bird's nest beverages with four different flavors. The flavors included lychee, longan, loquat & honey, and red dates & goji berries. In a Youtuber's review, the local Costco carried the original flavor of Golden Nest's bird's nest drinks in packs of eight 8 ounce bottles.


While you can find some Golden Nest soups, drinks, and edible bird's nests at Costco, some products are only available online with Golden Nest. You will find a wide selection of our popular products online, including raw bird's nest and certain flavors of bird's nest soups and beverages unavailable at Costco. 


Costco only carries two pieces of our Simply Swift Edible Bird's Nests. On Golden Nest's website, you can order two, six, or twelve pieces of the bird's nests that can be cooked within minutes in your kitchen.  


At Costco, you can purchase two boxes with eight bottles each of bird's nest soup in original rock sugar. You must order from our website for additional flavor options or to purchase different quantities of your favorite Golden Nest bird's nest soup. Online, you can get either one box of six bottles of the bird's nest soup of your choice or one case of eight boxes (48 bottles). View more about each of our online bird's nest soup product offerings below. 

In addition to the variety of bird's nest soup bottles available on Golden Nest's website, we also offer Golden Nest Swallow Nest Soup Bowls. Our soup bowls are ready to eat, offering a convenient way to fit the benefits of consuming bird's nest into today's busy life. 

Edible Bird's Nest Soups at Golden Nest


While you may find a pack of eight bottles of Golden Nest bird's nest drinks at Costco, you have more options on our website. Online, you can purchase six or 12 bottles of your favorite bird's nest beverage in your chosen flavor. Unlike bird's nest soup, bird's nest drinks are ready to consume. You can only buy the bird's nest drinks below from Golden Nest's website. 

    Edible Bird's Nest Drinks at Golden Nest


    With the numerous benefits of enjoying this Chinese delicacy and bird's nest options, you may wonder where to buy edible bird's nests. Golden Nest makes finding quality, authentic bird's nest products simple, with all our products available at If you want to buy Golden Nest products at Costco, use the store locator to find the Costco closest to you that carries Golden Nest edible bird's nest products.

    Golden Nest Bird's Nest products