Swallow Nest Rice Ball

by Golden Nest Inc

Ingredients :

  • Shiratamako (Japanese glutinous rice flour)
  • Carrot juice 
  • Green tea powder 
  • Mashed sweet potatoes 
  • White sugar
  • Golden nest 

Instructions :

  1. Add the glutinous rice flour, make the rice balls in different colors

Orange colors 

  1. Get a plate, slowly pour the carrot juice into an orange dough with a carrot flavor
  2. After adding the carrot juice, add white sugar and knead it to form
  3. Shape the dough into small balls, you can make them any size you want 

Purple colors

  1. Steam the purple sweet potato and mash it with a fork
  2. You can add the mashed sweet potato into the flour, you can add as much as you like to get a lighter or darker color
  3. Add a little water to this dough and knead it like you just did before

Green colors

  1. Add some flour, then some green tea powder
  2. Add some sugar (it’s important to enrich the flavor)
  3. Add some water, then knead it into a green dough 
  1. Boil some water and then drop in the ball
  2. After 5 minutes the rice balls are floating, strain the balls with a sieve
  3. Get a pot of ice water, drop in the rice balls and soak them

Finished dessert :

  • Get some double-boiled Swallow Nest
  • Take the rice balls out of the fridge
  • Add the balls into the Swallow Nest

Notes : 

  • When the ball floats, that means they’re almost cooked. This dessert can be served warm or cold. You can have it when it’s hot or refrigerated
  • The advantage of using Japanese glutinous rice flour is that you can put the rice balls in the fridge and they’ll still be good after several days