Quick & Easy Healthy Bird Nest Soup With Coconut Milk Home Recipe 椰汁燕窩

by Golden Nest Inc

Image of glass cookware, a piece of Golden Nest's edible bird's nest, coconut milk, and rock sugar.

Edible bird's nest soup is a delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries in China and throughout Asia for its luxurious texture and purported health benefits. Made from the saliva nests of swiftlets, bird's nest soup delivers a unique gelatinous quality and sweet flavor.

At Golden Nest, we provide top-quality bird's nest products to make this nourishing soup easily at home. Read on to learn about bird's nest, its nutritional values, and how to prepare an effortless bird's nest coconut milk soup with our premium swiftlet nests. 

What is Bird's Nest?

Bird's nest refers to the saliva nests built by swiftlets using their gummy saliva to adhere to cave walls and branches. These small birds build nests across South Asia, constructing intricate cup shapes to house their eggs and raise hatchlings. The nests are constructed entirely out of the swiftlets' saliva which hardens into strands when exposed to air.

The swiftlets attach their nests in hard-to-reach caves and crevices near the ocean. This protects their nesting sites from predators. Experienced harvesters carefully collect the nests without harming the hatchlings or breeding adults.

In the past, Edible Raw Bird's Nests were found near seaside caves in Southeast Asia. They were formerly harvested after the hatching season and processed for culinary use. When soaked in water, the nests would expand into translucent strands with a gelatin-like consistency. However, modern practices for harvesting bird’s nests include providing a sustainable and ethical farm. 

Bird's nest can be enjoyed in several forms:

  • Bird's Nest Soup - The most popular way to consume bird's nest is in soups. The nest dissolves into thin, jelly-like strands when simmered.
  • Bird's Nest Drinks - Nest extracts are also used to make nutritious beverages. Bottled bird's nest drinks provide its benefits in a convenient ready-to-drink format.

No matter how you enjoy it, bird's nest provides a silky texture and stellar nutritional content.

Nutritional Benefits and Values of Consuming Bird's Nest

Edible Bird's Nest is treasured in Chinese culture for its nutritional density and medicinal qualities. Bird's nest contains many valuable compounds and nutrients including:

  • Sialic acid - This unique polysaccharide nutrient is abundant in swiftlet nests. Sialic acid is believed to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and promote skin regeneration. It helps regulate the body's inflammatory response.
  • Amino acids - Nest is rich in amino acids which help build protein needed for cell growth and tissue repair. The amino acid content provides the building blocks of collagen and elastin. Cysteine and valine are particularly plentiful.
  • Minerals - It provides minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium that are essential for bone health, muscle function, and metabolism. These minerals are important for energy production, muscle contraction, bone structure, and nerve transmission.
  • Collagen - The collagen content in nests may enhance skin elasticity, hydration, and anti-aging effects when consumed regularly. Collagen makes up much of the nest structure. Ingesting it helps support your own collagen production.
  • Epidermal growth factor - This protein stimulates cell growth and tissue regeneration. It may aid wound healing and digestive health. EGF signals cells to divide and stimulates growth and repair.
  • Carbohydrates - Bird's nest contains glucosamine and N-acetylglucosamine which provide an energy source. They may also support joint health.

With its stellar nutritional profile, bird's nest is associated with many health and beauty benefits including:

  • Strengthening immunity
  • Smoothing and lightening skin
  • Improving digestion and gut health
  • Supporting respiratory function
  • Boosting energy and endurance
  • Slowing aging and promoting longevity

The dense nutrition content makes bird's nest an excellent tonic food for whole body wellness. Consuming high-quality bird's nests like those from Golden Nest helps you reap all of its excellent nutritional perks.

How to Prepare Bird's Nest

Preparing a raw bird's nest to make soup or drinks takes some work. The dried nests must be soaked for hours to soften and expand. Any feathers or impurities have to be painstakingly removed too.

At Golden Nest, we make enjoying bird's nest easy with the Simply Swift nests. Our premium white nests are pre-cleaned through a meticulous multi-step process. This ensures every strand is perfectly cleaned and ready to use. The nests are carefully inspected and cleared of any feathers, dust, or other debris. We remove impurities without compromising the delicate nest structure.

With Simply Swift, making bird's nest soup takes just minutes. Simply add the prepared nests directly to broths, juices, smoothies, oatmeals, or whatever you like. Enjoy swiftlet nest benefits and nourishment with incredible ease and convenience.

Ingredients for Healthy Bird’s Nest Soup with Coconut Milk 椰汁燕窩

Image of glass cookware, a piece of Golden Nest's edible bird's nest, coconut milk, and rock sugar.

This easy at-home recipe for bird's nest coconut milk soup requires just a few ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 50 ml UFC Velvet Coconut Milk, unsweetened
  • 1 piece of Golden Nest Simply Swift
  • Crushed ice

That's all you need for a refreshing, creamy, and deliciously nutritious soup in minutes! The velvety coconut milk provides healthy fats and complements the mild sweetness from the honey. The bird's nest adds nutritional value to this already healthy dessert. A drizzle of honey enhances the flavor.


Follow these simple steps to whip up this soothing bird's nest soup:

    1. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to 50 ml of unsweetened coconut milk in a small saucepan. Whisk well until combined. The honey adds trace nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin B6, amino acids, and polyphenols.

    2. Heat the mixture over medium temperature while stirring frequently, until just gently bubbling for about 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat. Heating thins and dilutes the coconut milk for an optimal soup texture.

    3. Prepare Golden Nest Simply Swiftt™  through either stovetop (15 minutes) or microwave (4 minutes) methods. 
      Note: cooking time may vary depending on microwave frequency.

      1. Using stovetop (Watch this video)

      2. Using microwave (Watch this video)

    4. Add 1 piece of prepared Golden Nest Simply Swift to the coconut milk. Stir to evenly disperse the nest threads throughout the liquid. The nest will absorb liquid as it softens.

    5. Portion the soup into small bowls and add crushed ice to chill. Ice cubes quickly cool the soup for ideal serving temperature.

    6. Enjoy this easy bird's nest coconut milk soup for breakfast, dessert, or anytime you need a nourishing pick-me-up! Garnish with extra honey, coconut flakes, or fresh fruit. A garnish provides texture contrast and added flavor.

    Making your own bird's nest soup at home is simple with high-quality nests from Golden Nest. Our Simply Swift nests eliminate the tedious preparation required for bird's nest.

    Give this effortless coconut milk soup a try using our cleaned premium white nests. With the excellent nutrition and luscious texture of swiftlet nest, it makes a soothing yet energizing treat. The coconut milk provides healthy fats while the bird's nest delivers protein, minerals and its renowned beauty benefits.

    Discover more about the benefits of bird's nest and get high-quality nest products at GoldenNest.com. Check our site for more easy bird's nest recipes to boost your health and beauty!