Asian Pear & Papaya Bowl with Golden Nest Swallow Bird Nest

by Golden Nest Inc
Asian Pear & Papaya Bowl with Golden Nest Swallow Bird Nest

With spring and summer’s warmer weather quickly approaching, it’s only natural to consider the delicious and chilling desserts that taste great with these hotter temperatures. Though, not all spring and summer desserts have to be unhealthy. This is where our swallow bird nest dessert comes in: with the delicious fusion of asian pear, papaya, rock sugar, and our swallow bird nest, you can easily make a healthy dessert perfect for cooling off. Best of all, there are two different ways to prepare this recipe, so you are sure to find the method that works best for you.

These recipes can be prepared in a mere 15 minutes, making them an excellent choice for anyone who is on the go and looking for a healthy and relatively quick dessert. All of the ingredients are simple and easy to come by as well. The health benefits that are associated with this dish are numerous, which is why more and more people are incorporating Golden Nest’s Simply Swift swallow bird nest into their daily diet.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the edible bird's nest has become one of the most popular tonics. It serves as a natural method for those looking to boost their immune system, in turn increasing their resistance to a number of different environmental factors. The swallow bird nest dessert even promotes a more youthful appearance, assisting with tissue and skin repair.

That's not all, either. Appetite stimulation, improved digestion and stimulation of bowel movements are also associated with this dessert’s continuous amount of benefits. To learn more about this recipe and the preparation process, please be sure to read on.



Version 1: Asian Pear with Edible Bird's Nest

Version 2: Papaya with Edible Bird's Nest

Preparing the Swallow Bird Nest

Golden Nest’s swallow bird's nests are portioned out in advance, so the time and stress of preparing this ingredient are significantly reduced. The preparation process for the Golden Nest Simply Swift swallow bird nest will depend on whether you are using a stovetop or a microwave. The stove top variation will be ready to consume within 15 minutes. If prepared in a microwave, the swallow bird nests may be finished within a mere 4 minutes. Follow the instructions below for both stovetop and microwave methods of preparing the bird’s nest.

  • Using Stovetop (15 minutes):
    To get started, pour 2 cups of water into the pan and boil it. Add a piece of Golden Nest Simply Swift and boil with medium heat for 15 minutes. Make sure that the lid remains on during this step. From there, turn off the heat, add sugar and the rest of your ingredients. This method should produce a serving size of 1 cup. 

  • Using the Microwave (4 minutes):
    First, grab a microwave-safe bowl and pour 1 cup of water inside. Make sure that the bowl is large enough to avoid spillage. 1 piece of Golden Nest Simply Swift is added from there. Set the microwave on high and cook the mixture for 4 minutes without a cover. Once the microwaving is completed, add your sugar and any other ingredients of your choosing for a final serving size of 1 cup.


Preparing the Asian Pear & Papaya Bowls

Version 1: Asian Pear & Edible Bird Nest Bowl

Asian Pear & Edible Bird Nest Bowl Recipe

Step 1: Fill a pot with 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil. The Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest is then added before cooking for 15-20 minutes.

Step 2: Clean the Asian pear. Pat it down until it is dry. Slice one inch off the top until a lid is created.

Step 3: Use a small spoon to scoop out the core and seeds.

Step 4: Fill the hollowed-out core with your cooked Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ Swallow bird nest, dried goji berries, rock sugar and dried jujube.

Step 5: Place the lid you have created back onto the pear.

Step 6: Use medium/high heat to steam the pear for 20 to 30 minutes before eating.

Version 2: Papaya & Edible Bird Nest Bowl

Papaya & Edible Bird Nest Bowl Recipe

Step 1: Slice the papaya into 3 pieces. Clean the inside of the middle slice and save it for your papaya bowl.

Step 2: Use a mixer to blend the other papaya pieces.

Step 3: Pour the pureed papaya onto the plate and place the bowl in the center of the plate.

Step 4: Fill the bowl with your cooked Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ Swallow bird nest.

Step 5: Pour coconut milk over the top of the bowl and enjoy!

Tips on Assembling the Bowl

When it comes to assembling the bowl, you have a great deal of leeway but there are a few things to remember before you get started. For best results, you will want to make sure that the rock sugar serves as the base. The bird's nest should serve the same function as well. From there, it is best to place the dried jujube and goji berries at the top. The fruit should be arranged so that it rests atop the bowl, without the fruits crowding each other in the process.



Each ingredient plays its own role in these dishes. The health benefits that are associated with the edible bird nests are documented above and a major aspect of the equation. In addition to the immune system protection and healing capabilities that the bird's nests have to offer, these recipes also contain plenty of water for hydration and pear or papaya for fiber and potassium.

The Asian pear is plentiful in these helpful nutrients, while also being free of cholesterol and saturated fats. This promotes decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As for the papaya, this fruit is rich in antioxidants and is associated with a decreased risk of stroke or heart disease. Much like, the Asian pear is also rich in potassium.

Golden Nest's Simply Swift nests are the best choice that you could make, as they come with far less preparation time than other options in this category. They are high quality, rich in nutrients and commonly associated with a healthier diet. By combining the edible bird's nest with the listed ingredients, you are able to enjoy the best of all worlds.



The health benefits that are associated with this dish cannot be denied. Papayas and Asian pears offer the potassium and fiber you need while also reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure. The healing benefits are also helpful when it comes to creating a more youthful appearance. These combined benefits make for a highly beneficial edible bird nest dessert.

Golden Nest’s Simply Swift provides a wide range of advantages as well. In addition to being a very healthy option, they also come pre-made, so that you do not have to worry about the stresses that come with having to cook- as with raw bird’s nests. Your meal can be prepared within as little as 15 minutes, offering you the quality and convenience that you deserve.

Readers are sure to love this recipe and we urge them to try it out as soon as possible. Head to our Recipes page as well so that you can learn more about the additional recipes that they have to offer. You are sure to find one that works well with your lifestyle and cuisine. 

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