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Golden Nest - Where to Buy the Best Edible Birds’ Nest Online

What Are Edible Birds’ Nests?

Edible birds’ nests, often called swallow nests, are an ancient Chinese delicacy only afforded by royals and nobles of the time. Birds’ nests are made from the saliva of a swiftlet bird, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. In the ancient days, birds’ nests were gathered from dangerous limestone caves because that was usually where these rare birds would make their nests. Nowadays, birds’ nests can be enjoyed by anyone around the world without any extreme measures (although natural cave nests are still harvested by a select few).

Where To Buy The Best Edible Birds’ Nests Online?

Real, authentic birds’ nests are most likely not going to be found at your local grocery store because they are still highly prized delicacies. Moreover, premium bird nests are difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Even if you stumble upon a source that claims to have high quality products, it’s still incredibly difficult to know if you’re buying genuine, top-quality bird nest products.

The best way to assure that you’re purchasing authentic, genuine birds’ nests is by purchasing from a credible and established retailer such as Golden Nest. We only carry top-tier, unparalleled quality birds’ nests in the market to ensure that our customers are purchasing the best in the market.

What Are the Different Types of Bird's Nests?

Different types of edible bird's nest, color, grade | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

Before buying birds’ nests, it’s imperative to understand each nest’s quality, as there are handfuls of different bird nest types to choose from! Each nest type varies in rarity and quality. Bird's nests are classified based on their grade and color. The grades include AAA, AA, A, B, and C. The nest's quality is best at AAA and decreases in the mentioned order. Birds’ nests come in three different colors, white, red, and gold.

Here's a deeper dive into the bird's nest grades and colors.

Birds' Nest Grades

Edible bird's nest grades | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

Bird’s Nest Grade AAA - Needless to say, Grade AAA nests are the most prized and rarest birds’ nests of all because of the difficulty to come across perfectly shaped nests in farms or caves. Grade AAA nests have the perfect cup shape, even ‘strands’ of saliva, and contain minimal natural impurities (such as dirt and feathers). Golden Nest’s AAA grade is the most excellent and exceptional quality and grade. 

Even though there are brands that sell AAAA or even AAAAA grade bird’s nests, the quality of these nests aren’t necessarily better than Golden Nest’s AAA birds’ nests. A good thing to keep in mind is that the higher the nest quality, the more you should keep an eye out for fakes. We’ll talk further about that in a bit.

Bird’s Nest Grade AA - Grade AA nests also have perfect cup shapes and concentration levels but contain some slight impurities. Impurities don’t take away from the actual bird saliva quality; they only present more grime to clean up. Luckily, Golden Nest workers diligently hand-wash each nest to ensure that you will receive contaminant-free products. Hand-washing bird nests take an incredible amount of time and attention to detail, but we are committed to providing you the best natural bird nest products. Traditional hand-washing saves the consumer from eating birds’ nests laced with bleach and other harmful chemicals often found in the cleaning process.

Bird’s Nest Grade A - If you’re looking for nests that are both affordable and high quality, Grade A nests are exactly what you need. Grade A nests are considered to be one of the most economic options for those who are simply looking for high quality nests on a budget. Golden Nest gives our customers a wide selection of price options because we believe that authentic, quality birds’ nests should be made available to everyone of all economic backgrounds.

Bird’s Nest Grade B - Grade B has more impurities than Grades A, AA, and AAA but less than Grade C. It requires a thorough cleaning, which might reduce the amount of bird saliva in the nest.

Bird’s Nest Grade C - Diligent cleaning of birds’ nests preserves more saliva compared to nests that have been minimally cleaned. C quality nests are essentially the same quality as the Grade AAA nests, but only with less bird saliva after the thorough cleaning process. The reason is that an expert removes all impurities from the birds’ nests, allowing only bird saliva to remain. This is why Grade C is the same quality but just less bird saliva and a little bit more impurities.

Types of Edible Birds' Nests (Based on Color)

Now, let’s dive into different types of birds’ nests. That’s right—there isn’t just one kind! You’d be surprised by the variety of colors different birds’ nests have. If you have purchased them from Golden Nest, you can be confident that even the rarest nests are naturally occurring and never artificially colored.

Photo of white edible bird's nest | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

White Nests - White bird nests are the most common birds’ nests found in the swallow nest industry. While white nests are common, it does not mean that they are any less nutritious or lower in quality. On the contrary, Grade AAA white nests are extremely high quality and smooth in texture because Grade AAA white nests are easier to farm.

White nests are widely regarded as the “Caviar of the East” and are beloved for their unique taste. These bird nests are built in the same way that red and gold nests are built. However, natural chemical reactions that form gold and red nests don’t take place with white nests.

While these nests may be white when they’re packaged, they undergo a change in color as they’re soaked during the prep process. When the white nests go through the preparation process, the bird nests become translucent. A little insight for birds’ nests enthusiasts!

But if the bird's saliva is white, how come there are red and gold nests? Let's dig even deeper to find out.

Photo of red edible bird's nest | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

Red Nests - Red bird nests, commonly known as blood bird nests, are the most highly-prized sustainable bird nests available on the market today. Red bird nests are incredibly rare to find in nature and even more difficult to harvest in farms. The swallows’ special diet and micro-climate in areas in Indonesia give these nests their unique blood color that doesn’t form naturally in areas outside of Southeast Asia.

The red bird nests are carefully aged to maturity for a unique taste and texture, which is why Golden Nest exclusively sells them at the highest quality: AAA. The AAA grade means the nests have undergone diligent examinations to meet the highest standards in the industry in terms of form, shape, and purity.

Golden Nest’s red bird nests are sourced cruelty-free in the most responsible way possible. Our goal is to protect your health as well as promote safe harvesting practices that diligently protect the well-being of the Indonesian swallow population.

The nutritional elements of red nests are unparalleled. Red nests are immersed with a wide range of essential nutrients such as amino acids, potassium, calcium, and iron. Our red nests are 100% all natural, sustainable, and completely hand-washed! Try our red bird nests and you’ll see why Golden Nest is America’s top bird nest brand!

Red bird nests are also superb to serve at special events or social gatherings. Red nests keep their color even after cooking, adding a beautiful red sheen to soups and desserts of all kinds.

We want to note that there are thousands of fake red nests in the market because red nests are high in demand and in price. Several years ago, fake red nests became so prominent that China banned red-nest imports from certain countries altogether. The criminals behind fake red nests use red-tinted sodium nitrate to color the nests. While they may look authentic in the box, these nests’ red color tends to bleed when you soak them before cooking.

The best way to avoid counterfeit red nests or bird nests in general is to buy from an established and reputable company such as Golden Nest. Our quality-control process ensures that every red bird’s nest you purchase is authentic and made by natural processes free of dangerous chemicals used in excess by producers of fake bird nests.

Photo of gold edible bird's nest | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

Gold Nests - Gold bird nests are one of the most highly sought after bird nests today because they're limited in supply and exhibit beautiful, natural coloration. Gold nests get their elegant, exceptional color from the swallow’s special diet in Indonesia, resulting in an elegant gold color that is impossible to naturally recreate outside of Southeast Asia.

Similar to red nests, Gold birds’ nests add a tremendous color element to your dish. The golden color will further brighten up the mood of your social gathering or special event!

At Golden Nest, we exclusively offer gold nests at the highest quality: AAA. This grade assures that our golden bird nests have gone through diligent examinations and strict health, safety, and sustainability standards. Buying gold bird nests from Golden Nest means that you will purchase authentic, high quality nests every single time.

How to Spot Fake Bird's Nests 

How to spot fake bird's nest | Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

It’s important to note that you should only buy from reputable or trusted brands to avoid counterfeit bird nests that could potentially damage your well-being due to consuming chemicals that are used to produce fake bird nests.

There are two simple ways to assess whether a bird nest is authentic or fake:

  •  The Crumble Test: Crumble the bird's nest between your fingers. If it's authentic, it will break down into a powder-like substance.  Man-made, chemical-based bird’s nests are fragile just like the real version, but you'll know it's fake when you try to crumble it between your fingers because it will break off into big chunks instead of a powder.

  • The Soak Test:  When you soak a real bird’s nest, it’ll transform into a gelatinous, formless shape after about 30 minutes. The fibers of the nest will be somewhat visible, but not nearly as uniform as they were when they were dry. You may even find a feather or two, which is completely normal. When you soak a fake bird’s nest on the other hand, the bird nest maintains a uniform shape during the soaking process and exerts a minor chemical or fatty/fried smell. In addition, the surface of the fake bird’s nest will be bumpy.

When you soak a real bird nest, the real bird nest usually doubles in size after the soaking stage, whereas fake bird’s nests remain the same size. Real nests can absorb up to seven to nine times their weight in water.

If you soak a real red bird nest, the real red bird’s nest will retain its blood-red color. The red coloring of a fake bird’s nest will bleed into the water, a sign that artificial colors were used to tint the nest.

Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online from Golden Nest

Getting premium products is difficult if you don't know where to buy authentic edible bird's nests. To get authentic, top-quality nest products, buy your edible bird's nests online from www.goldennest.com

Golden Nest exceeds all top safety regulations with our meticulous manufacturing process. Only about 30% of our total harvest makes it into production by the third examination because of our diligent and strict regulation to produce unrivaled quality birds’ nests.

Where to Buy the Best Edible Bird's Nests Online | Golden Nest

With dozens of sellers online, here's why bird's nests from Golden Nest standout:

  • 100% genuine swallow nests - these nests are 100% genuine, quality guaranteed, nourishing bird's nests with all the medicinal benefits. 
  • 100% organic - because we prioritize your health, our edible bird's nests are 100% organic to ensure no harmful chemicals are in them. 
  • 100% hand washed - with utmost concern for safety and hygiene, Golden Nest birds’ nests are 100% hand-washed—no bleaching or adding artificial colors. This ensures you get edible bird's nests free from natural impurities such as twigs and feathers without worrying about harmful chemicals in the product. 

100% authentic colors - Golden Nest offers authentic Grade AAA bird's nests in white, gold, and red.

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All of these products are made with genuine swallow nests. Our customers consume the highest quality birds’ nest products on the market. Our premium birds’ nest products are all manufactured in the USA in FDA-approved facilities. Golden Nest’s incredible dedication to quality has earned us the highest ratings on Better Business Bureau, as well as loyal, repeat customers of more than a decade.

The quality of our products is assured and experienced in each and every sip.  Our customers  who purchase our authentic birds’ nest products in the store or at our online store continually express their firm approvals of Golden Nest.

Birds’ nests are delicate, unique, and incredibly healthy. By consuming birds’ nests such as red nests, gold nests, and white nests, you’ll gain a variety of minerals and vitamins that will improve your body’s well-being. Birds’ nests are also an excellent dish, especially during family gatherings, because the bird nests’ distinct and unique color will brighten everyone’s mood. Birds’ nests are also a simple way to add elegance to your dishes!

Advantages of Buying From Golden Nest

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