Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Products Reviews

by Golden Nest Inc

Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Products Reviews | Golden Nest, Inc.

Have you found yourself thinking about getting a box of Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Soup or Bird’s Nest Drink at Costco but you're not sure if you will like it?

Golden Nest offers a variety of different bird's nest products and we want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting before you make a purchase!

Here are real customer reviews of our best selling bird’s nest products, we hope you enjoy them as much as our happy customers do!

Premium Bird’s Nest Drink Reviews

Original - 6 or 12 bottles x 240 ml (8 oz.)

Golden Nest Bird's Nest Drink Original - 6 or 12 bottles x 240 ml (8 oz.)
“Great taste and healthy. Got this one for my mom and she love it. The taste is not too sweet which is a plus for this product. She said sometimes when she doesn’t feel like want to eat, 1-2 bottles of golden nest will help her have enough energy for the day.” - Michelle D.

“Great for Chinese Grandmas. My grandma is having health issues and doesn't have much of an appetite these days. However, she loves these drinks, so it's great that there are some needed nutrients and sugar for her. Might be a placebo, but she also says it makes her feel good. Either way, she is very happy with the product and will want more after she gets through this bunch!” - Helen K.

“Yummy nutritious drink. Delicious drink as a supplement or snack. Not too sweet and easy to consume any time of the day. Will be a repeat purchase. Golden nest always provide the most secure packaging. Appreciate that for glass bottles. Thank you!” - Allisa J.

“Quick and easy. I usually buy many of these when they go on sale at my local grocery store. This makes an easy grab-and-go bird's nest drink and it's cheap enough for me to drink it everyday!” - S.W.L.

“Great Taste. Bought this for the first time at a store, and it was amazing. Came back to order more at the site! Can't wait for my products to arrive.” - N.N.

“I bought this drink as a gift for my mother and she loves it. Good product!” - Linh P.

“Fast shipping and great communication. It tasted good! Happy to have my bird nest drink!” - Margaret C.

Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar Reviews

6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

Golden Nest Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar

“Convenient way of getting collagen for busy individuals. This particular line of premium bird's nest soup original flavor has the best quality. Unlike to raw bird nest, this drink is a convenient way to supply great collagen, just grab and drink without the hazard of washing, prepping and cooking. Among other drinks and soup product, this line is my favorite because it doesn't have stabilizer to make the soup chunky and there are lot more bird's nest in each bottle than the gift pack premium bird's nest soup. I highly recommend this product.” - Kay K.

“Good bird nest soup. This makes me miss my mom so much. She always does it for our family when I was in my home country. The flavor and taste are good. I like soup, but my aunt likes beverage. So I ended up ordering both of them.” - Mey

“Order arrived quickly and there was a substantial amount of bird’s nest in each bottle. For the original rock sugar flavor, the amount of sweetness is well-balanced, making it refreshing and light enough for a morning soup/beverage.” - E. Cheng

“My grandparents love them and so does my parents. I started drinking them 3 years ago. Hoping to get my son trying out the drinks soon.” - Julie D.

“Very convenient & great collagen supplement. Ordered during Christmas time for gift giving & for myself. Took a while to receive but all in time before Christmas. Great customer service when i called to inquire its ETA. Golden Nest is a trustworthy brand and this pre-made bird nest soup saves me plenty of time cleaning and cooking the nest myself. I like it very much.” - Allisa J.

Gift Pack Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar Reviews

6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

Golden Nest Gift Pack Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar

“I’ve bought this for my parents for the last few months and they love it. They are normally very picky but we do believe this is packed with a lot of healthy benefits. It’s very tasty on top of it! I’ve tried it myself before when I was sick because it has a lot of proteins since I wasn’t eating much at the time. Overall, very good quality and worth your money!” - Elizabeth T.

“Delicious and refreshing. I fully enjoy the drink and soup versions of this product. It is kind of nostalgic to be able to enjoy these again because as a child, my mother would prepare the bird’s nest for me.” - Nhat N.

“Repeat purchase of this soup. Premium Quality and such convenience to consume. Always packaged very well and ships with thick boxes to protect content. Perfect item for gift giving. Will continue to buy and consume.” - Allisa J.

“Satisfied this product. It’s good and the price is cheaper than the other once. I really recommend this one because my uncle said it’s better than the beverage. It has more bird nest than beverage and it’s not too sweet. Love bird nest both soup and drinks” - Mey

Premium White Bird’s Nest AAA Reviews

 227 Grams (8 oz.)

“Authentic bird nest! My first time bought bird nests here and they are authentic ones. No dirt and no feather. Good quality! Save a lot of preparing time. Like them very much!” - Lynny H.
“Great quality, great price. 1st time I bought AAA grade 8oz package from the company, the quality is very good, my family enjoyed it very much, plan to be their long term customer.” - Jason“Bought for my wife, have used this product for years, happy with the product. Easy to prepare and no unpleasant smell.” - R.Z.“I love it! Easiest birds nest, I just soak it for a few hours and steam it then add some rock sugar. Taste better than some of the other brands I’ve tried!” - Jing W.

Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest Reviews

2, 6, or 12 pieces

Golden Nest Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest

“It was my first purchased of this kind of product. I’ve been wanting to try bird nest soup for my own consumption cause I just love bird nest soup whenever i go to a chinese cuisine…so when i saw it on the website i bought the 6 pcs in a box. I had cooked the nest and the taste is wonderful. I will make another purchase next time.” - Manuel L.

“Great product! I received this as a gift from a friend and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Easy to prepare, would definitely recommend. I’m now planning to order more for my family!” - Tony I.

“Convenient! This simply swift bird nest is very convenient for especially those working but want to be healthy! It’s so easy to prepare compared to the regular bird nest. It will save you a lot of time. Give it a try!” - Anonymous

“Very good quality. I bought the 12 pieces for my daughter-in-law who likes it so much with the essence of chicken drink. And it's very convenient to cook it in microwave for only 4 minutes. I will buy it again.” - L.C.

“The package arrived very quickly in the mail, within a week! The box was securely packaged and the presentation for the 12-piece set was beautiful! Each bird nest was individually packaged as well. Definitely a great gift!” - Nancy L.

“I’m pleased with this product for its quality and convenience to prepare. Will purchase it again.” - Peggy H.

“Great Bird's Nest Product! Golden Nest is the brand I trust the most as compared to others in US. The first time I ordered was when my wife was pregnant, and since then, we've been ordering their bird's nests whenever needed. Great product and thanks!” - L.W.