HEALTHEE Cherry Tart Juice - 12 bottles x 180 ml (6 oz.)

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Tart Cherry Juice

Sweet and sour goodness!

Healthee’s organic tart cherries are rich in potassium and iron, which fight against inflammation, promote better sleep, and boost your overall immune system. It’s the perfect drink for those who work out because the natural potassium promotes muscle recovery and restores the body’s pH balance!

Taste the difference between our organic ingredients and other cherry juices on the market!

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Healthee Cherry Juice has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sugars, and other unnatural additives. It’s also completely free of GMO particles, so this is the ultimate fruit juice for health-conscious individuals!

AMAZING SUPER FRUIT: Cherries contain minerals and antioxidants that help rehydrate tired cells, reduce swelling and inflammation, and regulate the body’s metabolism!

ULTRA-CONVENIENT: Our durable hourglass bottles were designed to seal in freshness and fit comfortably into your hands. We think about the smallest details to give our customers the most convenient experience!

Shake well as natural settling can occur.

12 Bottles - 6 fl. oz (180mL)

What does it mean to buy Healthee?

When you purchase Healthee, you’re not just buying any regular drink. What you have in hand is a powerful elixir created from nature’s greatest gifts, extracted from the finest ingredients available, and crafted so meticulously that every drop is pure liquid treasure. Our beverages are made with all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, sugars, and other additives.

All of our products are carefully manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and developed with your health and wellness in mind. Each Healthee product was made solely to promote a healthier you.

Go ahead—take a sip. Be Healthee!

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